Police – Identifying Criminal Vehicles and Occupants

Identifying Criminal Vehicles and Occupants (Street Cop Training)

  • October 9, 2019

This course has been created and is instructed by Dennis Benigno. Benigno has had 17 years of Law Enforcement experience as a Corrections Officer, Police Officer in Washington D.C., and his last years as a municipal police officer in the State of NJ. Dennis is a national police educator who has educated over 4,000 police officers since 2012. This course is designed to give the police officer the ability to understand and employ techniques in the ability to apprehend criminals before, during, and after the commission of a crime in the motor vehicle setting.

In block 1, the student will learn legal methods for identifying criminal vehicles based on responses to officer presence, how vehicles are used during the commission of a crime and identifying optimal locations and the constitutional standards regarding legalities.

In block 2, the student will learn the vehicle approach, passenger behavior, roadside interviewing techniques, body language and deception, and having a thorough understanding of what Reasonable Articulable Suspicion is vs. Probable Cause and knowing the legal approaches to both.

In block 3, we will analyze indicators of the motor vehicle itself to include a perspective on today’s trends of how motor vehicles themselves are being in the commission of criminal offenses. The student will also learn the documentation and report writing associated with an effective arrest by using current case law and procedural guidelines.

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