Police – Deceptive Behaviors and Hidden Compartments

Deceptive Behaviors and Hidden Compartments (Street Cop Training)

  • January 16, 2019
  • June 26, 2019
  • November 20, 2019

The training taught in this course can be easily applied by all police officers in any department or agency. A common misconception is “Well we don’t have this type of thing In our area,” which is untrue. We have seen our past students in some of the smallest towns intercept some of the largest amounts of contraband that was believed to not exist. It’s everywhere and in every town. If you get the training to be able to see it, you will find it. This is hands down some of the best training currently available in New Jersey. Everything the student will learn is 100% Legal and employed daily throughout the state and country. The instructor is an entertaining and informative instructor that provides extremely useful information delivered in an easily comprehensible manner.

The course is designed to give the student the ability to identify vehicles commonly used in interstate currency and narcotic transport. These indicators are derived from personal experience and the experience of our network of police officers who are having success with intercepting significant seizures throughout the United States. You will learn what kind of vehicles and tactics are being used. You do not need to learn hidden compartments for this training to be effective. However, as an added bonus you will receive a comprehensive understanding of very easy ways to spot those vehicles that have been modified to conceal contraband. Everyone is focusing on A and not even realizing B is passing right in front of our faces every day. At a very minimum, the exposure to this training will make you a much more effective officer.