Police – Counter Threat Finance Training for the Front Line Investigator

Counter Threat Finance Training for the Front Line Investigator

  • February 27, 2018

FBI Newark Division is hosting (2) two hour Counter Threat Finance Training sessions for the front line Investigator and Analyst. This training is a two part program which consists of both investigative and analytical best practices as well as a briefing of the current trends and emerging technologies in the financial sector as well as in-line with current U.S. Government Counter-Threat priorities.

The briefing will cover current trends including terrorist financing, money laundering as well as cyber laundering across all violations and programs. The investigative/analytical training focuses on traditional as well as technologically advanced techniques and methodologies for the investigator and analyst to comprehend and fully understand the threat, exploit it, develop Financial Intelligence (FININT), and assist and advance whatever investigation you may be working. Finance is a crucial component and is present in many investigations you encounter. Financial exploitation is a tool that seldom is fully utilized.

Overall this program will provide a better understanding and options for the investigator and analyst.

Course taught by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Newark Division