Police – Becoming the Title 39 Expert

Becoming the Title 39 Expert (Street Cop Training)

  • February 25, 2019
  • September 16, 2019

Matt Lloyd is a patrolman in Burlington County New Jersey with over ten years of law enforcement experience where he is currently a traffic safety officer and training officer in addition to his patrol duties. He is highly trained and well known for his proactive patrol tactics and extensive knowledge of New Jersey’s traffic laws which has resulted in countless criminal investigations and arrests over his career. Matt has received numerous commendations for recovered weapons, narcotics, seized currency, wanted persons, and solved cases as a direct result of his proactive patrol tactics. He was named Officer of The Year by his agency in 2015 and is passionate about police work and training other officers in order to build confidence and take their skills to the next level. Matt is commonly referred to by his peers at the “Title 39 Savant.”

Knowing motor vehicle law could be one of the most vital skills an effective police officer must know. A lot of times it is chalked up to “Writing Tickets.” However this is simply not the case. A lot of our greatest apprehensions begin on the foundational principles of motor vehicle law. This class is meant to make every NJ police officer not only better at knowing more motor vehicle law, but also provides for an extreme gain in confidence. Mistakes and embarrassments happen when police officers lack the education to know what they should be doing. Matt will literally clear up questions and myths regarding what we can and can’t do. He will discuss some amazing laws we are unaware of and provide a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize them in all settings to include but not limited to traffic enforcement, pre-textual enforcement, investigative division enforcement, and patrol division enforcement. The first thing that a defense will challenge is the RAS (PC) for a motor vehicle stop. It’s a real good idea to know what you’re doing beyond the handful of suggested boxes on the front of the ticket book!

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