Basic Training

01/16/18 to 05/31/18

07/16/18 to 11/29/18

Registration is contingent upon the fact that your candidate is now, or will be by the first day of class, employed as a sworn member of your department. A copy of the hiring resolution must be forwarded to the Academy on or before the first day of class.

To better prepare our police recruits for what they can expect upon graduation, each recruit will be issued a bullet proof vest to wear during the twenty-two weeks of training. The vest will be returned at the conclusion of the Basic Police Course and is issued not for ballistic coverage, but rather for the recruit to experience the feel of wearing body armor. Therefore, uniform shirts for basic recruits should be tailored to fit over the vest.

P.O.S.T. Orientation is scheduled for the first day of class and attendance is mandatory. The remainder of the week is reserved for Departmental Agency Training which must be satisfactorily completed by the trainee. Certification to this effect must be provided to the Academy upon the recruits return to class in the form of a completed Police Training Commission Trainee Record Card. The card must be signed by the Chief of Police.

Tuition is $500.00 for in-county (Morris) students and $1,000 for all out-of-county students. It is requested that a voucher or check accompany registration. Should a trainee be removed from the program, either by the sending agency or the Academy prior to the fourth week of training, seventy five (75%) of the tuition will be refunded. No refunds will be made after the fourth week of training.

The Police Training Commission requires the department, the trainee, and the examining physician review the contents of their Mandatory Medical Examination Packet. The packet contains a letter to the prospective trainee, trainee Health History Statement, a letter to the examining physician, and Medical Certification Form, as well as a copy of the Physical Conditioning Exercise Program. The packet will be forwarded with confirmation of registration or upon request.

Additional requirements are:

  • A certificate of Insurance naming the County of Morris as an additional insured
  • A letter, certifying that a background investigation has been conducted on the trainee and the trainee has passed a psychological evaluation.

All required paperwork must be received by the Academy prior to the first day of class.

It is suggested that your candidate be in good physical condition or begin a progressive physical conditioning program well in advance of the course’s starting date.