Morris County Alliance of Active Fire Chiefs

The Morris County Alliance of Active Fire Chiefs has been formed to be a voice for issues which affect the fire service of Morris County, to be a resource for Active Chief Officers, to provide a forum for the fire chiefs to discuss issues and exchange ideas, to promote and support legislation that affects firefighting safety and is in the best interest of the fire service.

The membership of this organization shall consist of active fire chiefs and chief officers, who are responsible for the administration and operation in their respective departments. In the absence of the Chief of Department, a subordinate Chief, may represent the department at the meeting.  All active chiefs in a department are welcome to attend the meeting, however, only one vote per department. The immediate Past Active Chief of each department for a period of two years from the end of his term as active Chief. (Amended Sept. 3, 2008)

No membership form required.  All departments are automatically part of the alliance.