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September 3, 2020 update:

The Academy is beginning to review all scheduled in-service training classes for the remainder of the year with the intent of running as many classes that we can while complying with current COVID restrictions. However, not all classes will be able to be conducted. We will begin confirming classes with registrants that we have on file.

If you are registered for a class, please do not automatically come to the Academy for that date unless you get confirmation from the Academy. If you have a question about a particular course running, please call the Academy.

Anyone attending classes at the Academy must submit to temperature screening, must wear a mask at all times while at the academy and follow social distancing protocols. Also, all cafeterias at the Academy are closed at this time.

CODIS Overview & Update on the New DNA Collection Law: This class on November 19 will now be held online. Register for CODIS training at

6/8 Firearms Instructor Course: Registrants from June 8, 2020 Firearms Instructor course will automatically be reenrolled into our December 14th, 2020 Firearms Instructor course.

December Firearms Instructor course registrants will be reenrolled in our upcoming Firearms Instructor course being held on June 7, 2021.

Updated confirmations with be sent out.

Rescheduled Courses


  • Tele-Communicator Training-NECI “Crimes in Progress”
    was December 10, now December 11


All classes (besides Basic Police and Fire Courses) scheduled at or by the Academy are suspended until further notice.


  • Basic Financial Crimes Investigation
    November 4
  • FEMA NIMS I-400
    November 16-17
  • Law of Interrogation, Video recording of suspect Interviews, Eyewitness ID’s, Line-ups & Memorializing out of Court ID’s & Courtroom Testimony
    November 19
  • Domestic Violence In-Service
    November 19
  • Use of Force & Vehicular Pursuit In-Service
    November 19


  • Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation
    December 1-4
  • Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazardous Materials, Right-to-Know, NIMS
    December 3
  • Basic Computer Crimes Investigation
    December 10

Filled Courses


  • Driver Simulator Training
    November 6
  • Tele-communicator Training – NECI 911 “Suicide Calls”
    November 13
  • Humane Law Enforcement Waiver
    November 16 – 19
  • Methods of Instruction
    November 17 – 24


  • Tele-communicator Training – NECI 911 Crimes in Progress
    December 11
  • Police Shotgun Instructor Update
    December 11
  • Firearms Instructor Course
    December 14 – 18

New Courses