Latest News

The 2017 Police Catalog and 2017 Fire Catalog are now online.

The Fire Training Grounds Calendar is now online.

2017’s Pro-Active Patrol/Become a Street Smart Cop is $199.00. It was previously listed at a lower cost.

The Technology in Criminal Investigations course, scheduled for March 2, will now be held from 8:30am-12:30pm.

Driver Simulator Training (February 7 and April 13), Methods of Instruction (March 4), Police Shotgun Instructor Update (May 5), Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Investigations (May 15-19), Fire Fighter 1 (1702), and Junior Firefighting (1704) are filled and taking no more admissions.

Rescheduled Courses


  • Firearms Instructor Course
    was June 26-30, now June 12-16


  • Fire Instructor Level 1
    was October 17-November 17, now October 10-November 14


  • Methods of Instruction
    was October 31-November 7, now November 14-21



  • Fire Investigation Training
    March 13 & 14

New Courses